Page Settings

The settings of the page are divided into five sections, which are described as follows.




The first section informs the user which template is currently being used. With a click on the question mark ? the user can display the short description of the template.


The second section gives the user an overview of some metadata.

  • ID: This is the unique ID that is assigned after the page is created.

  • URL: This is the URL that is assigned after creating the page.

  • Datum: This is the creation date that is assigned after creating the page.

  • Aktualisiert: This is the date the page was last updated.


The selection menu can be used to assign pages to one or more categories. The categories are used for embedding in other templates or for access restrictions.


Two different states can be set for a page. Draft (default) and Public. If a page is on draft, it is not visible in the Goobi viewer. It only becomes visible when the Public status is selected.


In the last section several actions can be performed for the page.

  • Preview: To display a preview of the page, the page must be saved. Then the button is activated.

  • Delete: To delete a page, this button must be clicked. This process must then be confirmed via a dialog window.

  • Save: To save a page, click this button.