5.2.1 Page overview

The entire table of the page overview can be filtered via the search entry. For example, it is possible to search for a page title and the table will be filtered by the entered term.

Page overview of the CMS, all pages created so far are listed. The table is structured as follows:




The page type describes the type of the selected template in the form of an assigned symbol.

de / es / fr / en

These columns show the language in which the page is available. If the country flag is not grayed out, the page is translated into the corresponding language.


This column lists the title of the page. The table can also be sorted by title.


This column lists the categories assigned to the page.


This column shows the date of the last update.


In dieser Spalte werden die für die Seite verfügbaren Aktionen angezeigt. Die Seite kann bearbeitet 🖋 , angesehen 👁🗨 oder gelöscht 🗑 werden.